Going to TaiYi Ecological Leisure Farm in the colorless winter may not be the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful and stunning leisure farm. In spring and summer, you can take a peek on the picturesque of various blushes of flowers, also in autumn; alluring maple color will try to capture your interest.


Located in the heart of Taiwan, Nantou County, Puli District, TaiYi also redefine the famous most visited tourism place in this area, beside Qing Jing Farm and Sun Moon Lake. This ecological farm is located strategically beside the main road, and is also decorated with the bizarre decorations that are hardly to miss. Not only nature-focused farm, Red Maple Boutique Hotel also offers a luxurious and self-indulgent accommodation, where you can enjoy the mixing moment of nature and modernisms.


Color, the most important visual phenomenon that influences our perception of different insight, is the main attraction that TaiYi Ecological Leisure Farm bids. Soothing green grass, baby pink plum flowers, red maple leaves, violet lavender flowers, and colorful exquisite butterflies are only a small part of indulgence that you can enjoy. Maybe it is a little bit awe-inspiring to see varied color as a welcoming sight into spring from the previous blanched winter, but still indulging no matter.


Beside flowers, the Dancing Butterfly Garden is like an enchanted garden where colorful butterflies fly elegantly. Puli District is the main habitat of the some species of butterfly, but as the district development slowly building; the remaining butterflies are forced to find a new home. Finally, they found it in TaiYi Farm. Indeed, not only offering splendid scenes, also proves that this farm support ecological actions to provide a better natural habitat and environment.


All in all, TaiYi Ecological Farm is an ideal place to enjoy the moment with the intimate ones, teaching the young ones about how to build a continuous environment for a better place in a future, and finally, a place to find a new way to adore and appreciate life.


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